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Jose M Leon, ESQ

I have known that I would be a business owner since I was young, and I have been lucky enough to accomplish that goal. I wanted to own my own law firm so that I would be able to provide both personal and high-quality service to the public. I have the opportunity to provide residents of the Valley with my service as a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer. My passion is to help people with their legal issues. It’s what I’m in business to do. At Leon Law, PLLC, you will receive the high-quality and attentive service that you deserve when you work with us.


Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix, Az

I grew up in Nogales, Arizona and remained a resident there until I graduated from Nogales High School. Since 1998, I have enjoyed calling the Phoenix area my home. I am a both a business owner and personal injury attorney who is intent on providing you with the help that you deserve when it comes to legal issues that involve the knowledge and experience of a licensed attorney.

I take each of my clients’ legal issues as seriously as I would if they were my own. It is my goal that you are provided with all the information by an experienced Phoenix wrongful death and personal injury lawyer. Once you have this reliable information, you will be able to make educated decisions regarding the course of action that you need to take. Regardless of the legal issues that you face, the staff at Leon Law PLLC will ensure that you are well informed and understand your legal rights.

If you are seeking a Phoenix wrongful death attorney for help with legal issues, then it will be my pleasure to meet with and discuss them with you. I enjoy meeting with prospective clients and helping them understand the unique legal issues that they face. If you would like to schedule a consultation with my office, you can call (480) 269-1083 or email info@leonlawpllc.com for more information. I will provide you with the best service and legal advice possible in regards to your particular situation.

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