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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Phoenix



Owning a motorcycle comes with its benefits, but you’ll find far too often a close call resulting in a motorcycle accident to consider it a truly safe hobby. While you might be the safest driver on the road, there are other drivers out there, and they’re not paying attention. Have you ever been pushed out of the way by a driver changing lanes without noticing you next to him or her? Has a driver ever made a left-hand turn at an intersection you were going straight through from the opposite direction?

While you shouldn’t ever be punished for the type of vehicle you drive, you do have to pay extra attention as the driver of a motorcycle. These days, you’ve got all the typical distractions of drivers behind the wheel, plus technology. Many drivers simply don’t pay attention to motorcyclists.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers in another type of vehicle. This could be due to the fact there are more sedans and trucks on Tucson, AZ, roads than motorcycles, but it could also be due to a variety of other reasons. For example, it’s hard to see motorcyclists if you’re in a big truck and you don’t take an extra 30 seconds to look for a motorcycle before changing lanes. Quickly glancing in the direction of your blind spot might allow you to see a minivan, but you could miss a motorcycle.

Another reason other drivers cause the majority of biking accidents in Phoenix is that they have all the safety features in their cars that motorcyclists don’t have. As a biker, you’re going to drive as safely as possible because you don’t have airbags, seat belts, or a big metal frame encasing your body. As a truck or sedan driver, you’re generally just in a hurry to get somewhere and don’t pay attention to those same safety issues. Some other causes include:

  • Distracted Driving – This accounts for those on cell phones, putting on makeup, disciplining kids in the backseat, sight-seeing, messing with the radio, and a variety of other distracting actions.
  • Driving Under the Influence – This includes drugs and alcohol and could pertain to bikers and other drivers.
  • Failing to Yield – This is a huge cause of motorcycle crashes. Around 42% of all accidents involving a motorcycle were the result of a car failing to yield at a left turn and hitting the motorcyclist who was going straight.
  • Fatigued Driving – This is an obvious one, but something that many drivers don’t consider when they get behind the wheel or the handlebars.
  • Speeding or Tailgating – This also pertains to both drivers and bikers, and can be deadly when a motorcyclist is stopped at a red light and hit from behind.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes – This is something many drivers just do without a second thought, but it can have devastating consequences for motorcyclists in the next lane.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

If you are involved in one of these situations, it’s time to call your motorcycle accident attorney. At Leon Law, PLLC, we are committed to fighting for the appropriate compensation of every biker we represent. Each case presents a unique challenge and situation, and we’re happy to work through that with you. Careless, reckless, or otherwise negligent drivers should be held accountable, and we can help you understand which damages to seek. Some common damages might include:

  • Medical Bills – Damages related to medical bills include those you are currently paying for, as well as those your doctor projects will occur in the future. This might include skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, physical therapy, prescription medication, and more.
  • Pain and Suffering – Every accident results in some type of pain and suffering, from physical pain to emotional pain. These damages aren’t quantifiable but are still important and worth seeking.
  • Paralysis – Whether your paralysis is full or partial, it is going to cause your life to be different. You’ll quickly realize there are monetary challenges that come with paralysis, as well as emotional and physical challenges. You may need a handicap accessible van, modifications to your home, and a variety of other costly changes, and you should be compensated for them.
  • Property Loss – If you’re seeking damage for injuries, your bike is probably suffering as well. We’ll help you determine the amount of property damage lost so you can receive compensation for repairs or a replacement.
  • Lost Wages – Whether you’re temporarily out of work due to recovering from your injuries, or you’ve lost the ability to work all together, you should be compensated for the amount of money you’ve lost while out of work. This includes workable hours lost in the future.
  • Punitive Damages – When the driver responsible for the accident was acting particularly reckless, the court may also award you punitive damages as a way to further punish that driver.

If you’re the family member of someone who died after injuries received in a motorcycle collision, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. There are some damages that are the same, and some that are unique to death, and we can help you determine those differences and what you can include in the lawsuit.

After learning about the causes of and compensation for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you may have a lot of questions. 

At Leon Law, PLLC, we do our best to answer those so you can move forward with your case and your life. With a focus on each client and a commitment to have more one-on-one meetings, our lawyers are available, approachable, knowledgeable, and ready to help with your case. The following are some important things you should know about motorcycle accidents in Phoenix, AZ, and legal consequences.

What To Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

The moments directly after your accident could be some of the most crucial to your case. If you brush it off and act as though nothing happened, you may not have a case at all. 


  • Seek Medical Attention – Nothing is more important than your health, and you won’t be able to fight the case if you’re not physically capable. Seek medical attention from a paramedic who arrives at the scene, in the emergency room, and from your primary care physician. Keep good records of all medical statements and any instructions your doctors give you.
  • Collect Evidence – You’ll want to collect as much evidence at the scene of your accident as possible. Since most people now carry smartphones, it’s easy to quickly take some photographs of the scene. Be sure to snap a shot of the entire scene, as well as details that include damage done to your motorcycle, your injuries, damage done to the other car, etc. You should also collect witness contact information, the other driver’s insurance information, and other important items that could be used to prove your case.
  • Call the Police – You should never leave the scene of an accident without first calling the police. Whether your motorcycle crash was a hit-and-run, head-on collision, or another type of accident, you’ll want the police to make a report. This report can also be used as evidence to support your case.
  • Contact the Insurance Company – If the accident wasn’t your fault, you should still inform your insurance company you were in an accident while riding your motorcycle. You should also contact the insurance company of the other driver to let them know you’ve got a future claim coming.
  • Call Leon Law, PLLC – You’ll want a motorcycle accident attorney on your side from the very beginning of the case. As soon as you are physically able, it’s important you call Leon Law, PLLC, so a lawyer can advise you on what to do to get the most favorable outcome for your case.

Holding the Liable Party Responsible

You might think the liable party is either you or another driver, but there are a lot of individuals and entities that could be responsible for your crash in Phoenix, AZ. Our lawyers can help you look beyond the other driver to find other parties you could seek compensation from. 

This includes:

  • A Pedestrian – If a pedestrian jaywalked in front of you, and you had to swerve out of the way, resulting in an accident, that pedestrian could be liable.
  • A Manufacturer – The manufacturer of your bike or another car involved in the accident could be liable if a part was constructed or installed incorrectly.
  • A City – The city might be liable for your accident if you hit a pothole or were involved in a similar situation the city should have previously taken care of.

Dealing With a Hit-and-Run Accident

If you’re involved in a hit-and-run, the thought might cross your mind that you won’t be able to seek compensation because you don’t know who hit you. The good news is you do still have a couple of options. 

First, you can work with the police to find the individual who hit you. Whether this was a truck driver, another motorcyclist, or someone in a sedan, the authorities may be able to find the culprit with your help, the help of witnesses, and the help of surveillance cameras in the area. You can then seek compensation from that individual.

Second, you can file a claim through your own insurance company. If you are properly insured, your motorcycle insurance coverage should be able to cover some or all of your medical expenses and property damages repairs. Our lawyers can help you figure out how to get this done.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Unfortunately, not every motorcycle accident results in survival. If your loved one was hit while riding a motorcycle, and later died from injuries sustained, you may have a case for wrongful death. In Arizona, either a child, parent, spouse, or personal representative for the estate can file the wrongful death lawsuit.

The statute of limitations is two years, so that gives us enough time to put together a solid case. There are some exceptions to the statute, and you will learn about those when you meet with a lawyer. Some possible damages you and your family could claim include medical bills, legal fees, funeral and burial expenses, lost income, lost benefits, and other similar damages.

Contact Us for More Information

Being in a motorcycle accident can create a landslide of consequences you don’t want to deal with. If you or a loved one needs legal assistance in Phoenix, AZ, after injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash, contact Leon Law, PLLC today at 480-269-1083, or fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch.

If you are seeking to make a motorcycle accident claim, then it is important for you to have access to experienced legal counsel. These types of cases can be complex and we want to help guide you through this situation. Regardless of whether you were wearing a helmet or have your own insurance coverage, you may still be able to recover damages for your personal injuries from another driver who is at fault for your Phoenix motorcycle accident. You may even be able to receive compensation if there was never a collision, but you were forced to veer off the road to avoid a collision. Due to the many scenarios and complexities, you will benefit from having the sound legal counsel of Leon Law, PLLC. Call our office at (480) 269-1083 or email to schedule a consultation or for more information.

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