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Navigating COVID

It has been nearly a decade now since the opening of Leon Law PLLC’s original office here in Phoenix, AZ. Founder of Leon Law PLLC, Jose Leon opened the firm with the goal to provide personal and high quality legal services to those in the valley. Despite the novel coronavirus pandemic, the firm has been able to continuously provide the same high quality services. 

Leon Law is also dedicated to various charities and philanthropies to help the community meet their needs. Our efforts are aimed at finding out what our surrounding community needs and get involved in that area- one being educational efforts. One of the current opportunities the firm was involved in was coordinating with the Scottsdale Charros and Spring Training to help generate funds for the community. Any and all funds raised during our philanthropic events go towards educational efforts within the community. 

Since the opening of Leon Law, technology has been an important aspect of day-to-day operations. With an area as wide and diverse as the valley, it is imperative to implement this technology to make it possible for the team to virtually be in two places at once. *Info about satellite offices* In addition to our sophisticated technology systems, our satellite offices have made it easier to work towards our goals of developing relationships with our clients and surrounding community. 

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, this could not be more true. Within a couple weeks of the start of these unprecedented times we were able to continue our services through phone calls, video conferencing, and social distancing whenever in person meetings were necessary. We have also made it possible for our team to work remotely in efforts to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

In respect to our philanthropic and charity efforts, we are doing our best to work with those involved to get our events back up and running. We are currently on ‘to be determined’ and are hoping for the best for spring training. 

Despite the limitations the coronavirus has placed on our community and everyday lives, Leon Law PLLC is still dedicated to providing our clients and and members of the community with the legal advice and guidance they need. If you would like to schedule a consultation or a free case review, feel free to call (480)269-1083 or email

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