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If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and a lawsuit has been filed, you may be required to complete a deposition. Whether you are a witness, an injured victim, or the defendant, this oral testimony is your opportunity to solidify the facts of the case and tell your side of the story.  Deposition...
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Getting into a car accident can be hectic and dealing with insurance companies can be an added stress- especially when the other party involved in the accident is not fully insured or insured at all. What should I do? Who do I contact? How do I get my damages covered? Luckily, insurance companies offer UIM/UM...
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When a personal injury lawsuit is filed either by you or against you, both sides will eventually find themselves in a stage of the legal process known as ‘discovery’. This stage of the legal process is where the parties involved exchange evidence and information in preparation for trial. This exchange of information can be exercised...
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It has been nearly a decade now since the opening of Leon Law PLLC’s original office here in Phoenix, AZ. Founder of Leon Law PLLC, Jose Leon opened the firm with the goal to provide personal and high quality legal services to those in the valley. Despite the novel coronavirus pandemic, the firm has been...
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