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A profile in Phoenix personal injury law: Jose Leon of Leon Law

Car crashes happen in central Phoenix and when they do myriad concerns can run through a person’s mind — aside from getting better. (File Photos/
Car crashes happen in central Phoenix and when they do myriad concerns can run through a person’s mind — aside from getting better. (File Photos/


Leon Law focuses on integrity, education & recovery

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

Car accidents happen frequently in the Phoenix metro area and when they do many affected find themselves in distress — physically, emotionally and oftentimes financially.

It is these moments of day-to-day life that can sometimes shape major chapters of anyone’s life. And most importantly, it is a time when many need a legal advocate willing to educate them and fight for their best interests.

Jose Leon, founder of Leon Law, which is based in central Phoenix, is an advocate for those who need help in times of distress.

“​I believe that integrity helps a person be clear-minded and work faster. If you do the right thing every day you may find that it is the harder decision in the short-term. But the hard decision is the easier way of living long-term,” he told the Arizona Digital Free Press.

“I am surprised often on how clients end up referred to my law firm. I’ve received clients from people I’ve encountered in high school who felt I was a great person then and would trust their legal issue to me now. I really do believe that all of my potential clients deserve my time. I like to educate them on their case strengths and weaknesses personally.”

For more than a decade, Leon Law and its dedicated staff have taken on the mantra of education first — no matter the case, client or circumstance.

“I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people navigate complex situations,” Mr. Leon said of personal motivations to practice law. “I felt I could leverage my knowledge to help people in need. A bonus was that I could use my native tongue (Spanish) to help those with the additional barrier of not knowing the English language.”

— Jose Leon, founder of Leon Law

Mr. Leon has called the Phoenix metropolitan area home since 1998, after growing up in Nogales, Ariz. He was born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and came to the United States when he was 6 years old.

“My dad was in produce and farming — potatoes as his main product. He had an import-export business with some partners in Nogales,” he explained. “One of the most interesting things about my journey is that my parents provided me full financial and emotional support, but they had no knowledge as to how to help me navigate the educational world to set me up for success.”

Armed with natural intellect, support and drive, Mr. Leon forged his own way in the United States and has dedicated the majority of his adult life to helping others carve out their own piece of the American pie.

“I hope to become a trusted resource to my local community,” he said of his ultimate pursuit illustrated through his extensive philanthropic work in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area. “I’d like to leave a legacy of hard work and a reputation of being a helpful person within the community. I think as far as accomplishments go there is nothing better than having a good name in the community. Building a reputable reputation is all I want to do in my professional career.”

Jose Leon, founder of Leon Law, which is based in central Phoenix is focused on practicing compassionate personal injury law since 2011. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/
Jose Leon, founder of Leon Law, which is based in central Phoenix is focused on practicing compassionate personal injury law since 2011. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/

Leon Law: A path less traveled offers lessons

Mr. Leon began his legal career as an intern at a small law firm originally planning to conquer real estate law, he says. But as fate would have it, helping people through personal injury law spoke to him early on.

“I started with an interest in real estate and while I was there, I worked on cases with a personal injury attorney within the firm. I was hooked from the moment I started working on the cases with him,” Mr. Leon said. “They had a component of complexity to them and client education that other areas of law did not.​”

Those complexities, Mr. Leon explains, revolves around the cat-and-mouse game with claims against insurance policies — but those games companies play are not games for those involved, especially his clients.

“I believe our firm focuses on the person, our client, which is a foundational difference to many other firms,” he explained.

“Our cases deal with the legal process, but our focus is on educating and helping our clients navigate the legal process in a seamless manner. The focus of an injured person should be on getting better. Our firm can handle the labyrinth that is our legal system. There are pitfalls that can impact the case along the way, and we want to make sure folks know we are there as a support system. During representation our clients know we focus on the case with their best interest in mind.”

The No. 1 obstacle to delivering positive results for client’s part of an accident, injury or wrongful death claim? The proverbial “insurance” company.

“They advertise to the public that they are there to take care of them,” Mr. Leon points out. “What they really are doing is attracting their revenue base, premiums, and when it is time to handle a claim that a person would have, they focus on finding ways to prevent or reduce payment. I do not blame the insurance company or its employees since the best interest is to make money. Every year insurance companies are coming up with new and novel ways to attack the claim and reduce payouts.”


The complexities of personal injury law

The practice of legal representation has become just as specialized as medicine, Mr. Leon says.

“Personal injury law is a very large umbrella within civil law,” he said. “Nowadays, there is no such thing as a general practitioner. Law, like medicine, has developed into a specialized field. Our law firm focuses on car accidents while others focus on other personal injury claims like medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, etc. I believe that the more we focus our attention on one sliver of the personal injury law space the better we can serve our clients.”

For Mr. Leon, the devil is always in the details.

“It is interesting how the law and rules of process within the personal injury field only set the stage,” he pointed out. “There are many nuances that can only come through experience that allow a case to go from good to great. We focus on getting great results that are in the best interest of the client and no one else.”

You can contact Mr. Leon at 480-269-1083 or through email at to receive more information or schedule an appointment for a consultation.





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