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Many people believe that a motor vehicle crash will not happen to them. Or, people think that if a collision does occur to them the claimsprocess will be simple. All they’ll need to do is tell the insurance company for the person that hit that what their bills are and they’ll get paid. Isn’t that how it works? Sadly, that is furthest thing from the truth.

Motor vehicle collisions and the injury we sustain as passengers or drivers of vehicles are only the start of a long road that has many pitfalls and important decisions that can derail the success of a claim. Our objective at Leon Law PLLC in the coming weeks will be to give a thorough analysis of everything, from what we should do to prepare to drive or ride as a passenger, down to how one prepares a case for trial. The main objective here will be for you to feel like you have all the information you need to make the best decisions at every step.

Read our other blogs to learn how to best prepare yourself for a car accident in Phoenix, AZ. You wouldn’t leave home without your jacket if you knew it could rain that day!

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